Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Happy Birthday to Prescilla!!^^

Prescilla's birthday already passed hahaha...But, I just want to share the gift that my friends and me gave to her... Take a look :D

Made by Jessica Xu

This the softcopy version :

This picture was made by Jessica Xu. (Thanks to here, bcause my friend love this present >.< )
She has a bussiness to make this kind of things :) I recommend you to take a look to her shop Aubergine Garland :D 

Indonesia Postcard Collection

These postcard below are the few of postcard that I already sent :)


Olden Days in Indonesia

The most favourite postcard I loved :)

I try hard to find beautiful postcard for people that I would like to give :)

Postages Collection :)

Ini adalah beberapa perangko yang pernah aku beli di beberapa kantor pos Indonesia.. Gambar"nya bagus deh :) Indonesia bgt gt ^^

Take a look yaa :P

It's nice, right ?^^

Excitement from Belarus :)

From Anastasia !^^ I know her from Instagram and we already had direct swap :) Hope my postcard arrived to here ><


Postcard from Ukraine^^ love the view of the city :)

Greeting from NYC !^^

Wow! From NYC, so farrr away from Indonesia :) Got this card from postcrossing!^^

TNT 4 :P

Just got my Trinity Naked Travel 4 :)

Take a look the appearance :P


Bonus :)
With Trinity's sign on it :)
Okay,, let me read it first!!^^

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

My First Postcard :D

Baru mulai Postcrossing sekitar sebulan lalu, trus ketemu blog Desy yang juga ngomongin tentang Kartu Pos yg dia terima n buat.. Ehh tiba2 dia nawarin Kartu Pos handmade dia..hehee.. Senengnya dapet Kartu Pos pertamaku :)

Handmade Postcard from Desy
Thank you Desy :)