Monday, 21 January 2013

End Year Holiday..

I know It's to late for Me to posting this..But, i just want to show you guys The beautiful of Indonesia :D
Okay I'll start my story..hehehe.. I traveling with my  family on 30th Desember 2012 - 1st Januari 2013 to Anyer Beach in Banten.. We stayed there for 3 days 2 nights :) Okay I'll just show you my photos from the trip.

View from my room


Look at the wave :O

Blue Water

Windy Afternoon

Rocky Sand..

The Wave! No Kidding :O

On The Way to Get Durian ! :D

The Rice isn't there!!
Want it?

It was a great trip. The best thing is this trip is with my Family (it's sooooo not often we did it). Btw, I am not really love to show my self in my trip's photos.. I just love to show you about the destination..hehe.. 
But, It's not me that never want to take a selca :p
From My Instagram :D
Seee yaaa ...

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