Thursday, 7 March 2013 bagi-bagi 2 tiket gratis :D

Guys, pasti yang demen sama Korean Drama kenal sama artis tampan dan baik hati satu ini, ya Lee Min Hoo! Cowo kece yang main di Boys Before Flower, City Hunter, Personal Preference, dan juga Faith ini akan datang ke Indonesia dalam acara Fanmeetingnya yang bertajuk "Lee Min Hoo Global Fan Meeting First Love"  pada Sabtu, 23 Maret 2013 di Plenary Hall Jakarta Convention Center temen-temen. Nah, Minoz pasti mau dong dapetin tiketnya? Apalagi tiket gratisnya kan? *ngarep juga padahal* ...Aku mau info nih sama temen-temen Minoz kalo lagi adain kuis berhadiah untuk Minoz sekalian yang mau nonton gratis Fanmeeting Lee Min Ho ini  :D
Mau tau caranya???? Langsung aja yukkss ke KTP eh salah! TKP nya biar jelas ... Chek this out :

Ikutin langkah-langkah yang udah dikasi sama baik-baik yaa.. Gak susah kok :) Nah, aku doain temen-temen Minoz dapet...Ehhhhhhh ....doain aku juga donggg biar dapetin tiketny :D hehhehe..Good luck for you and ME!^^

Monday, 21 January 2013

End Year Holiday..

I know It's to late for Me to posting this..But, i just want to show you guys The beautiful of Indonesia :D
Okay I'll start my story..hehehe.. I traveling with my  family on 30th Desember 2012 - 1st Januari 2013 to Anyer Beach in Banten.. We stayed there for 3 days 2 nights :) Okay I'll just show you my photos from the trip.

View from my room


Look at the wave :O

Blue Water

Windy Afternoon

Rocky Sand..

The Wave! No Kidding :O

On The Way to Get Durian ! :D

The Rice isn't there!!
Want it?

It was a great trip. The best thing is this trip is with my Family (it's sooooo not often we did it). Btw, I am not really love to show my self in my trip's photos.. I just love to show you about the destination..hehe.. 
But, It's not me that never want to take a selca :p
From My Instagram :D
Seee yaaa ...

It's Project Pop Guys!!!

Hey, this is my first post today.. Wow.. Long time no see!^^ 
I am still troubling with my English Grammar..hehe..So, Sorry for my grammar than..
This time I would like to share about event that I joined on 19th Januari.. It's "Legacy SMAK GS Closing" This was event that my ex-school held :) The line of artis are : Forthboxx, Pee Wee Gaskins, and Project Pop.. I have been waiting for this event cause I can see my favorite grup, Project Pop :D
Take a look their performance photos :

Blurrrrrrrr -__-

Everyone enjoyed the music :)

Dance and sing with Project Pop

I just can share this photos, I know it's not many. I was too enjoyed their perfomance, So I don't have time to recorded their performance hehehe.. They sang soooooo many song. From their own songs, other Indonesian singers songs, even GANGNAM STYLE! hahaha.. All of the audience was so excited! They invite us to dance and singing together... Me and my friends going crazy that night! hahaa..It was a great night! I'll never forget that night :D

The Stamps

The Entrance Ticket